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Music Production Studio by Nikita Bogdanov

Nikita Bogdanov

Music Production Studio by Nikita Bogdanov

DANOV is a Berlin-Based musician, composer, sound engineer, sound designer, and DJ with over all than 17 years of experience in creating electronic music, as well as expertise in mixing and mastering. From the first note to the final chord, he brings your musical ideas to life!

Nikita Bogdanov
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  • 1 hr

    70 Euro

  • 1 hr

    300 Euro

  • 1 hr

    from 500€

  • 1 hr

    50 Euro

  • 1 hr

    from 100€ to 200€

  • 12 hr

    580 Euro


Come Visit

Mon - Fri: 9am - 9-30pm
Sat:  Closed
Sun: Closed


Bonifaziusstraße 16-18, 13509 Berlin, Germany


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